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INTIMACY COORDINATION ITALIA was established to represent the professional figure of Intimacy Coordination in Italy, pursuing civic, solidarity and of useful purposes through the dissemination and practice of the work of intimacy coordination, fostering participation, inclusion and a full personal development, to enhance the potential for growth and employment, both for cinema and theatre, as well as for any other form of performing art, audiovisual or live.

Training, certifying, promoting, enhancing and protecting the professional figure of the Intimacy Coordinator and its dignity at all levels .
Protecting the image and interests of the category of Intimacy Coordinators within society, representing it as the interlocutor of any public or private institutional body.
Acting as an advisory body for all matters of interest to the category of Intimacy Coordinators.
Promoting and guaranteeing ethics and professional deontology.
Contribute to the professional training of the category by means of quality training, practice and professional development

Promoting meetings and dialogue between Italian and foreign Intimacy Coordinators. Promoting the overcoming of all forms of cultural clichés, discomfort and social, political, ethnic, religious, gender and age discrimination of Intimacy Coordinators on the job market, supporting the right of free access to the same, according to the principles of transparency and equal opportunities.

INTIMACY COORDINATION ITALIA is committed to the protection, promotion and enhancement of the professional skills of and for its members.

Georgia Lepore - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Georgia Lepore

Founder - President - Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

actress and director

Sara Palma - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Sara Palma

Founder - Vice President - Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

Director and Screenplayer

Manuela Parodi Intimacy Coordination Italia

Manuela Parodi

Founder - Secretary - Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

actress and photographer

Valentina Calandriello - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Valentina Calandriello

Intimacy Coordinator

fight director and actress

Domiziana De Fulvio - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Domiziana De Fulvio

Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

producer and director

Micaela Ghiozzi - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Micaela Ghiozzi

Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

actress, director and e physical perfomer

Simone Leonardi - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Simone Leonardi

Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

actor and director

Blu Lepore - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Blu Lepore

Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

production coordinator, acting and dialogue coach

Cecilia Ligorio - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Cecilia Ligorio

Intimacy Coordinator, Intimacy Director

director, actress, acting coach

Elioenai Schirinzi - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Elioenai Schirinzi

Intimacy Coordinator

physical facilitator

Daniela Vitellaro - Intimacy Coordination Italia

Daniela Vitellaro

Intimacy Coordinator (Pending Certification)

actress, presenter, performer

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Intimacy Coordination Italia

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