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TRAINING 2023 / 2024


Prime Video and IC Italia offer for the first time in Italy selections for a certified professional training to become an Intimacy Coordinator: the “Moving Body Arts’ Intimacy Coordinator Certification Programme – Prime Video Italia Scholaship”.

Applications for this programme are CLOSED

Moving Body Arts’ Intimacy Coordinator Certification Programme 2023-2024 offers 8 places largely funded by Prime Video in collaboration with IC Italia.

The UK’s leading Moving Body Arts will train the first generation of Intimacy Coordinators based in Italy.

The Moving Body Arts certification programme is a thorough, complex and painstaking training for those who want to become Intimacy Coordinators for the Italian film and audiovisual industry. The programme is accredited by SAG-AFTRA and includes online and in-person classes, tutoring, on-set experience, independent study and assessment. Led by the Intimacy Coordinators, Enric Ortuño and Yarit Dor, the training will also host other professionals. The programme’s study units cover all stages of production and follow the SAG-AFTRA and Bectu (British Trade Union) content guidelines.

In order to participate in the selections for the 8 Prime Video Scholarships for the Moving Body Arts’ Intimacy Coordination Certificate Programme – Prime Video Italia Scholarship, under penalty of exclusion, the following requirements are essential:

  1. residence in Italy (essential)
  2. full enjoyment of civil and political rights
  3. give priority to the Italian film and audiovisual industry
  4. be associatɘ with the IC Italia and in good standing with annual fees

Request the online form for more details by writing to:
mentioning in the SUBJECT: Prime Video Italia Scholarship.
Please include the applicant’s contact details in the body of the email:
name and surname / telephone number

The training takes place in English and therefore requires an excellent knowledge of the language. In addition to the requirements to be eligible for the Prime Video Italia Scholarship, the training includes other requirements that can be consulted on the Moving Body Arts website at the following LINK where you can download the complete document (also click on the MBA logo below).

6 August 2023 at 15:00

25 August 2023 at 17:00

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