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Guidelines and Protocols for Intimacy Coordination

In recent years, especially in the aftermath of the MeToo movement, we have witnessed a major impulse in the entertainment industry toward the safeguard and protection of performers. An impulse that has given rise to what we now call the culture of consent.

IC Italia, born out of a growing need to bring the figure of the Intimacy Coordinator onto Italian sets and stages, has elaborated and drafted the document LGP (Linee Guida e Protocollo per l’Intimacy Coordination), or GUIDELINES AND PROTOCOLS FOR INTIMACY COORDINATION, after more than ten months of work and confrontations.

LGP’sjob is to outlinethe standards and protocols needed to carry out properly the job of Intimacy Coordinatorfor cinema. However,within them there can also be found guidelines for theatrical performances and everything related to live performances. These are also applicable to all stages of the creative process (casting, auditions, pre-production, preparation, rehearsals, and post-production).

It is recommended that all cast, crew and anyone involved in the production of a film, audiovisual project, live performance that includes one or several intimate scenes, familiarise themselves with the following document.

LGP dictates the guidelines and ethics to support the production and cast in overcoming the vulnerabilities inevitably associated with the subject matter of nudity and intimacy, to create a safe, respectful and synergistic working environment, and to support mental health and safety policies while minimising risk.

As the leading trade association for the protection and support of the professional figure of the Intimacy Coordinator, IC Italy is committed to ensuring that the working environment becomes increasingly safe, that the good practices of consent are respected and attention is paid to sensitivities for all genders, cultures and religions and free from bullying, harassment and racism.

is a living matter that is subject to being updated due to the delicate and evolving nature of a profession that is still in its infancy in Italy. Therefore, you will be able to find and download the constantly updated version from our website

Use of the LGP is free, but we ask you to share the link to the site and not just the pdf of the document itself. If you wish to use the contents of the document for research, theses, articles or similar purposes, we ask you to let us know by email, always quoting IC Italy and including our contact details (see the last page of the LGP).

IC Italy shares the protocols and international guidelines of Intimacy Coordination. The countries that have published protocols so far are Australia (Equity), Finland (Finnish Film Foundation), New Zealand (Equity), South Africa (IPSA et al.), United Kingdom (DirectorsUK), Canada (DirectorsUK), Canada (IPSA et al.) and the United States (SAG-AFTRA).

For any information, please write to the official mail:

Protocols for the Closed and Sensitive Set

For any information, please write to the official mail:

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