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Intimacy Coordination Italia

IC Italia is the first Italian trade association created to represent and promote the professional figure of the Intimacy Coordinator.
We are pioneers in Intimacy Coordination in Italy.


The term ‘intimacy’ contains nuances that each of us experiences and perceives differently.
Intimacy is by nature reserved, bound to the private sphere, sheltered from prying eyes.
But what happens to a performer when the representation of this intimacy is transposed to film or theatre? The emotional expression is so amplified that it can cause the performer high levels of stress when their bodies or their emotional fragilities are brought into the public eye, and this deep involvement touches on various psychological aspects. Scenes of a sexual nature, the depiction of physical or verbal violence, passion, pain, or simply interactions that require physical contact, today need to be coordinated by a professional figure who protects the performer, especially when this is a female or a minor.
The Intimacy Coordinator is the figure appointed for this protective task.

The Intimacy Coordinatorworks with the director and the performers, as well as with the departments that construct the scene of intimacy (photography, costumes, make-up), creating a sort of ‘choreography’ that allows for a truthful depiction of the scene, while respecting its technical and artistic requirements, and granting the performers a physically and psychologically safe environment to act in.

In the United States and the United Kingdom this essential figure has been recognised and credited in film and theatre productions for some years now. This is becoming a fundamental role to guarantee balance and safety across the boardin Italy too.


The first certified screen industry training for Intimacy Coordinators of Italy.

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Intimacy Coordination Italia

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